Immigration Detention

If your loved one has been caught crossing into the United States or in custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and placed into an immigration detention center it is extremely important you contact our law office right away! We have the experience and resources available to visit any detainee in California.

Vargas Law will orient you on what you can expect when he visits your loved one in the detention center. It is equally as important to inform the client as it is to inform the family and friends who are concerned about their loved one’s well-being. Once you feel comfortable and understand what to expect, we will make the visit to the detention center and review the client’s case and immigration history. At that time we will determine possible areas of relief that he or she can qualify for under United States immigration law.

We understand the urgent nature of criminal matters as they relate to immigration. Wherever you or your family member is detained, a member of our legal team can travel to offer knowledgeable legal representation.


You need and deserve a law firm and an attorney who will stand by your side when your family member or friend is detained in an immigration detention center. We are here to defend their right to be in the United States with undying passion. We want to have the honor of representing him or her. Please contact The Law Office of Vargas Law for a consultation on what you can expect when your family member or friend is detained in an immigration detention center to learn what we can do for you at (626) 269-3432.